Bulldog Pub is a family-friendly pub in Morningside! We opened in April 2013 and have been serving great food and craft beers ever since. We are proud of the community within which we reside, not just Morningside, but the entirety of the communities that make up the East End. From Lawrenceville to Polish Hill, from Bloomfield to Highland Park, the East End is a great place to be in the city of Pittsburgh and we are happy to be a part of it and its resurgence! This attitude you will find reflected through our employees, the decor, this website, and our local partnerships.



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I’m an Italian Yinzer who loves beers, meatballs, and Turner’s Iced Tea. When I say the Bulldog has one of the greatest meatball sandwiches I’ve ever had, I’m not lying. I do my best to get my “cool friends” out of Lawrenceville and into a neighborhood bar with awesome specials, a friendly staff, and an updated jukebox (which is apparently very difficult to remove from the wall – sorry again about that, guys). The BDP doesn’t hate kids or dogs, either – so bonus points. I can’t wait for 3rd winter to be over so I can eat wings on their killer patio.

-Angel S., Yelp