About the Bulldog Pub


Bulldog Pub is a family-friendly pub in Morningside! We opened in April 2013, and have been serving great food and craft beers ever since.

We are proud of the community within which we reside. But not just Morningside, but the entirety of the communities that make up the East End. From Lawrenceville to Polish Hill, from Bloomfield to Highland Park, the East End is a great place to be in the city of Pittsburgh and we are happy to be apart of it and its resurgence!

This attitude you will find reflected through our employees, the decor, this website, and our local partnerships.

Community First!

Meet the Brothers


Brothers and Operators, Joe and Jesse DiRenzo, both proud Morningside natives are the Operators of the Bulldog Pub. Both grew up playing midget football on Joe Natoli Field where his Bulldogs would practice and play. They would later go on to Central Catholic and Joe would later attend Penn State and Jesse Duquense.

Morningside History


Morningside, a small strip of land 4.6 miles east of downtown Pittsburgh on the Allegheny River, was incorporated into the City of Pittsburgh shortly after the end of the Civil War in 1868. At the time, “Morningside” did not refer to a neighborhood, but a small, primarily agrarian community in the flat bottom of the Morningside Valley [1]. The valley, which got its name from the large amounts of sunlight it received in the morning, is at the center of what was once Collins Township, a large tract of land bordered by the a brief history of Alleghcny River, Negley’s Run, and Greensburg Pike (now Penn Avenue) [4]. The land passed from George Croghan, a trader and landowner in the 18th century, to attorney Thomas Collins in the early years of the city [2]. Upon incorporation, Collins Township became the 18th and 19th wards of the city, which today comprise parts of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh wards.